CdD Villa de Leyva

Ciudad de Dios in Villa de Leyva, Colombian municipality located in the province of Ricaurte, department of Boyacá, is located 40 km west of Tunja, capital of the department. It is characterized by conserving its colonial-style architecture, and for its varied rural landscapes that range from the moorland area with springs and water reservoirs in the desert area.

It is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Colombia; its town and surroundings being among the most important tourist destinations in the country.

Villa de Leyva is reached by land through roads that connect it to Tunja, Chiquinquirá, Arcabuco and Santa Sofía.

The municipality of Villa de Leyva is 128 km²; it is located on the mountain range called the eastern mountain range, part of the Andes, in the central region of the department of Boyacá, in a mountainous area.


Focused on the care and accompaniment of children by the families in Ciudad de Dios and close neighborhoods, performing recreation activities and good use of free time, celebration of special dates.


Health workshops are held by professionals such as dentists, doctors, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, etc., who perform care and promotion brigades for the population in Ciudad de Dios.


Activities are carried out focused on the integral accompaniment of 63 elderly people in abandonment, so that they can have spaces to share and live dignified lives.


Activities are carried out in order to generate a healthy coexistence culture, use of free time, development of artistic and social skills. Children projected as their own environment transformation architects.


Excellent training and support to 85 children and their families; looking to initial education, care and nutrition for children under 5, through pedagogical actions, qualified care and nutrition.


Ciudad de Dios has a home garden, where the community is responsible for its maintenance and care. Competent people are required to improve the production that eventually makes for its sustainability.