CdD San José de Tadó

The Municipality of Tadó is located in the eastern Department of Chocó, within the area of ​​Alto San Juan, with an approximate area of ​​878 km².

It borders on the municipalities of Cértegui and Bagadó to the North, the Municipality of Río Iró to the South, the Municipality of Unión Panamericana to the west, and the Department of Risaralda to the east.

Ciudad de Dios has a house for the Missionary Carmelite Sisters; a basic multiple room for activities with the community; a house called “Good Samaritan” for a space that welcomes children with health problems from the farthest rural districts of Tadó; a dining temple which supplies food to the most in need children and elderly people in the area. It has a playground and a park for adults, which allows for family recreation and space.


Provide poor families in the City of God and its surroundings with a healthy and balanced diet, prepared by a group of volunteer mothers.


Casa del Buen Samaritano: Offer a place to those children who need a roof to stay while they attend their medical check-ups. Offering them a place to sleep, wash and eat.


Encourage entrepreneurship in Tado women by learning hairstyles typical of their culture. Makeup and body care from the practice of pedicures, manicures and crafts that help them promote their business and help their family.