CdD Niño Jesús de Praga

Norcasia is a Colombian municipality located in the northeast Department of Caldas on the Central Andes Mountain Range.

It borders on the Department of Antioquia to the north, the municipalities of La Dorada to the east, Victoria to the west, the municipality of Samaná to the south and south-east. Urban area extension: 0.42 km²

It has a rural area extension of ​​210.82 km², an altitude of 700 meters (above sea level) and an average temperature of 25 ° C

This Ciudad de Dios is focused on the integral formation of young people.  It counts on a sustainable farm and training courses through SENA for young people who belong there, and for young people in surrounding communities.


Project aimed at training young people in the development of talents, care and maintenance of a healthy and dignified environment in all aspects of nature. (Healthy and pollution-free environment, tree care techniques and healthy music and learning environment)


Explanation of academic subjects and school assignments. Also in subjects that are difficult for students.


The activities are carried out in order to generate a culture of healthy coexistence, use of free time, development of artistic and social skills.