Luz Daris Díaz



Ciudad de Dios La Gloria beneficiary

Luz Daris Diaz Rodriguez is a 55-year-old “warrior” displaced from the city of Florencia, in Caquetá, and threatened by violence in the country. She arrived in the Quirigua neighborhood, in Bogotá, disoriented and with her three children: Diego, Yuverney and Daniela Vélez Díaz. Her brother sent her money to eat something with her children, but she preferred to buy some thermoses and sell coffee in the streets with her children. Thus, everyone worked and paid a rent in a humble place.

One day Luz Daris met the nun Aurora from the missionary Carmelites. “God bless you every day; She is an angel, ”she says of this sister who helped her because, due to the cold in Bogota and as Luz Daris was on the street all the time, she got sick and that nun Aurora found how to put her children in a soup kitchen so that they have something to eat for the eleven days that she was in the hospital due to this condition. That was just one of the many things this nun did for her.

When she left the hospital, the doctor told Luz Daris that she could not sell any more coffee on the streets because this was seriously affecting her health, so she got a job in a flower shop and started to save money to buy her house.  At first she thought: “imagine how I was going to get a place to live if all I did before was sell coffee and recently I got a better job.” However, she never lost faith and the miracle happened, because after a while, Aurora introduced her to the nun Liliana, who told her that there was the possibility of buying an apartment. That she had to pray a lot.

«I dreamed of having my house because I didn’t like where I lived. I didn’t like the nun Aurora going to where I lived; I was ashamed because the place was so ugly. When we were going to meet, I was waiting for her at the door; although she entered anyway », says Luz Daris. She never imagined that one day, while working, she would receive a surprise that would change her life.

At ten o’clock in the morning the phone rang in the flower shop and it was a call for her from Fundación Construímos, to give her the news that she would be one of the beneficiaries of a housing subsidy. «I threw those scissors with which I was cutting flowers and I ran out and told my boss. She told me “housing, you? From where if nobody knows you? “God does know me,” I replied.»

When she arrived at the foundation, Juan Carlos Mosquera, the director, told her that she would be one of the many privileged people who have their own apartment in the Cities of God. She liked this name because she says: “for me my own apartment is a gift from my God.”

For this reason, Luz Daris recalls with great joy that on September 5, 2013 at 9:05 in the morning she went to see her new apartment in the Ciudad de Dios de La Gloria. “I was crying with joy,” she says, crying again with happiness just remembering that moment and all those who came later, such as the one on September 8, 2013 in which, with her three children, she moved in her new home; That was the beginning of a new life full of blessings and better things because now Luz Daris works at Fundación Construímos that helped her to get an apartment in the Ciudad de Dios de La Gloria. She lives happily in this beautiful place and tells everyone “for God nothing is impossible!”