CdD La Gloria

Located in Bogotá in the town of San Cristóbal Sur, it is the number 4 town of the Capital District in Bogotá, to the south-east of the city, including an urban part and a rural extension in the Eastern Hills. Among its residents, socio-economic strata 1 and 2 predominate.

Ciudad de Dios has a set of 124 apartments, approximately 496 people live there, with common areas such as a kindergarten, community dining room and chapel; There are places where entrepreneurship projects are carried out to support some families there.

Temperatures regularly range between 5 and 19 ° C, with an annual average of 13 ° C.

Address: Calle 42 A Sur Nº 10 – 71 Este; La Gloria.



Focused on the care and accompaniment of children by the families in Ciudad de Dios and close neighborhoods, performing recreation activities and good use of free time, celebration of special dates.


Offer a process of psycho-pedagogical accompaniment to the families of the City of God of Glory, through personal and group encounters and contribute to the construction of a healthy life and peaceful society.


Provide complete support through various activities that create a space for exchange, reflection and recreation in which everyone appreciates the gift of life and embraces its reality.


Projects such as El Cantar de la Gloria, music groups and the Ruah youth community where there is a human and spiritual accompaniment, as well as from the social and missionary projection.


Support in the explanation of academic subjects and monitoring of school tasks, as well as in the review of subjects in which children have complications.


Manos Armoniosas: This project aims to provide an opportunity for training and work to women who create crafts to improve the economic situation of their families.