Ciudades de Dios are communities for the most vulnerable people in Colombia where an experience of spiritual growth is lived. There is always a chapel and a house for the religious community living in and working for each Ciudad de Dios. Complemented with housing, education, feeding, and productive projects framed within sustainable development goals. It is not just about helping and learning with a common goal; it is fundamental to give yourself to serve others.
Ciudades de Dios promote volunteering as an opportunity to receive visitors who wish to learn from the reality of other communities by linking to one of the programs they work on. It is not just about helping people, but about learning from them, teaming up around a common goal. Volunteering is a means to share a meaningful life experience. Ciudades de Dios are located in different regions in Colombia, thus allowing volunteers to combine trips to new cultures, gain experience and build a service history. People participating in Volunteer Programs in Ciudades de Dios become transmitters of the values and charism that identify them, generating a multiplying effect, as agents of environment awareness and needs in communities with which they interact.