CdD del Arcoíris

Palermo is a Colombian municipality located in the department of Huila. In the territory four different regions are distinguished going south to north: To the west a mountainous area corresponding to the eastern slope of the central mountain range, then a picturesque valley in which the head city and seat of government lies, then a cord of granitic hills, and to the east a plain belonging to the Magdalena Valley.

It borders on Neiva to the north; Teruel and Yaguará to the south; Neiva, Rivera and Campo Alegre to the east, and Neiva and Santa María to the west.

The municipality has temperatures ranging between 15 ° C, in the areas of the mountain ranges, and 27 ° C in the low areas of the valleys of the Magdalena River, Baché. The urban center has an average temperature of 26 ° C.

Reference distance: Palermo is 320 km away from the city of Bogotá and 18 km south west of the capital city, Neiva/Huila.


Focused on the care and accompaniment of the children of the families of the City of God and neighbors. Recreation activities and promotion of the good use of free time, celebration of special dates.


The city of God has a home garden and laying hens. The people who live in the city of God take care of its maintenance and care. Volunteers are required to know about agriculture to improve the production that is needed for the sustainability of the same.


Explanation of academic topics and subjects that are difficult, as well as training in agricultural productivity.