Fundación Construimos was created by Consucasa Group. It was initially conceived to help construction workers who built other people’s houses and did not have their own.

We are a non-profit organization whose main interest is to provide housing at very low costs to distressed communities in the country. We join efforts with Fundación Santa Teresa de Ávila and some other religious communities in the building of Ciudades de Dios.

Ciudades de Dios are spaces conceived on three fundamental pillars: love, service and prayer. They embrace constructive, social, educational, feeding and sustainability projects.

Fundación Construimos leads the construction and productive projects of Ciudades de Dios by coordinating resources and efforts by participating entities. Fundación Santa Teresa de Ávila leads the spiritual dimension while religious or lay communities link to each Ciudad de Dios on beneficiary programs.

There are 24 Ciudades de Dios distributed in several departments of the country. Fundación Construimos links to them whenever they require constructive processes.

Inauguración del parque infantil en la ciudad de Dios de San José de Tadó
Padre Arcesio, founder of the Santa Teresa de Ávila Foundation


Fundación Santa Teresa de Ávila comes to life on March 19, 2003 with two fundamental objectives:

The Promotion of Spirituality, Awareness of God, and Prayer supporting distressed people by offering education, housing and employment for families, the elderly, and most vulnerable children in population strata 1 and 2. It is a Ciudad de Dios promoter throughout the country. In 2010, this foundation meets Fundación Construimos and together they start boosting the dream to help those most in need.

Community of La ciudad de Dios Arcoíris - Ospina Pérez



It is the central axis of life in Ciudades de Dios and is based on three pillars: Prayer, Love and Service. This special emphasis becomes a new way of evangelization that helps transform the life and history of each community in which you work.


Generating spaces so that people can express themselves freely, within previously established communication channels, so that ideas can be contributed, experiences can be shared, and hearts can be opened to new realities.


Volunteering allows a respectful approach to a reality different from that known by promoting observation, reflection and continuous learning.


We believe that by joining our forces and by welcoming new ideas, we have a wider scope to help, as well as to change attitudes towards social intolerance.


Volunteering promotes values and principles of justice and respect for cultural and social diversity, based on precepts of the Catholic faith, but focusing attention on what people have in common with the communities they visit and respecting their differences.


Welcoming, proximity and familiarity with the communities living in Ciudades de Dios; respect towards their beliefs and customs.


Giving timely and truthful information on programs supported by volunteers.