Today more than ever we need your help

We are looking for resources to build a house and improve the quality of life for Lucy and her 6 children who are in extreme poverty. She is displaced and has lived for 8 years in San José de Tadó in the department of Chocó, Colombia. She pays $ 42 for rent where she lives, but since she currently has no job, the owners of the “house” have tried to evict her several times. The humidity of the place where they are living and her low resources have made her children sick.

Her dream is to be able to have a house for her children, to have a good future and to be able to get out of poverty. We are convinced that we can build this house step by step with your help. Thanks to you they will be able to have a house.

Join us !!

You can be the person

that makes it possible for Dizza, Weidi, Luciana, Andrea and Lucy to have a new home.